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Our Story

My name is Nick Mattia and I am the founder of Ready Strong Meals. After being in the corporate world for 10+ years, I was never fulfilled, satisfied or happy. After some time, I was losing a purpose for what I was doing day in and day out. Therefore, I decided to take a huge risk and pursue my passion for cooking by leaving my corporate job as well as the financial security that went along with it, for a job in a kitchen to learn everything I possibly could about the cooking business.

Since I was a child cooking in my Italian household with my mother and grandmother, I knew I wanted to immerse myself in the food industry but wasn’t completely sure what I’d specifically do in it. Growing up, I always loved to eat healthy because it made me feel good mentally and physically. This is when Ready Strong Meals was born. I started cooking healthy, portioned, and well-balanced meals for friends in the corporate world, while still working in the kitchen for free. Friends told other friends about my food and so, I had to quit my kitchen job to fully focus on my booming company and keep up with the high incoming demand.

One of the major objectives of this company is for every single one of my clients to have a positive experience that brings incredible and real results. After a Ready Strong Meal, you will feel rejuvenated, recharged, and ready as well as strong enough to take on your day. My ultimate goals are to support my clients in losing, maintaining or gaining weight depending on their individual needs. I look forward to helping you reach your individualized goals and making it easier for you to live that healthy lifestyle we all constantly strive for.